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www.robot.supply  www.imaginerobot.com,  www.zerobotics.com,  www.kakurobotics.com,  www.kakurobot.com,  www.huaweirobotics.com,  www.robotaq.com,  www.robotst.com,  www.3wrobot.com,  www.robotstartup.com,  www.osmo.tv,  www.FPV.show,  www.robomooc.com,  www.roboticsmaster.com,  www.robotsthink.com, www.2brobot.com ….






Kakurobot.com   一口价售卖中 >>>

(既可以指卡酷机器人,也可以叫数谜机器人。因为,kakuro是日本欧美妇孺皆知最流行的数谜游戏之一,源远流长、内涵丰富。既可以叫kakurobot, 亦可以kakurobot)推荐指数:★★★★★

(Kakurobot can be read as KakuRobot or KakuroBot, depending on how you define your product. As you may have known, kakuro is a kind of popular logic puzzle originated from Japan. According to Wikipedia, the popularity of Kakuro in Japan is immense. Kakuro puzzles are regular features in many math-and-logic puzzle publications in the United States.  Price: US$9,259 or CNY¥59,980)


Kakurobotics.com  一口价售卖中>>> 

(卡酷机器人公司。卡库机器人。。。)Price: US$9,259 ; CNY¥59,980推荐指数:★★★★★ 

kakuro.cn 一口价售卖中>>>

Price: US$9,259 or CNY¥59,980 推荐指数:★★★ 关于Kakuro

Zerobotics.com   一口价售卖中 >>> 

Zero robotics是全球著名的国际空间站{ISS}机器人竞赛 ,由麻省理工大学(MIT)、顶级程序员网(TopCoder)和极光飞行科学公司(Aurora Flight Sciences)共同发起,受到美国宇航局(NASA)和美国国防部高级研究计划署(DARPA)的强力支持,获奖者得到ZeroRobotics奖: Zerobotics  此名霸气有内涵!)推荐指数:★★★★★


(Zero Robotics is an international competition programming robotics Aerospace, which is based on the programming of special robot called SPHERES, or artificial satellites-like spherical (actually 18 faces),VLAD, located inside the International Space Station. Winners were awarded Zero Robotics Prize. Price: US$9,259 ; CNY¥59,980)

robotaq.com 一口价售卖中 >>>



(Robotaq  can be abbr. of robot Adventure-Quest,  robotAl-Qæda, robotAutomatic-Qualifying,  Robotaquatic, etc. The domain name is short,rhythmic and easy to remember. Price: US$9,259 ; CNY¥59,980)

此外,AQ也可以是“安全”(An Quan)、爱情等汉语词汇的缩写。

jqrkz.com 一口价售卖中 >>>

(机器人控制 ji qi ren kong zhi。未来机器人走进千家万户,但机器人并不像手机那么容易上手,需要通过一些编程来控制,机器人控制是联系用户最重要的入口。)推荐指数:★★★★★

(JQRKZ is the acronym of “ji qi ren kong zhi”, robot operating, or robot controlling. )

jqrpc.com 一口价售卖中 >>>

(机器人评测 ji qi ren ping ce。特别适合做机器人评测门户或app应用)推荐指数:★★★★★

(JQRPC  is the acronym of “ji qi ren ping ce”, i.e., robot review)


机器X 推荐指数:★★★★★★★
(Robot 翻译成“机器人”其实并不准确。任何一个学过英文的人,或者查过英文字典的人,都知道robot也可以是机器狗,机器猫,机器蜘蛛,机器{……}。。。所以,ROBOT 应该是 机器{x} )

Robot is translated normally in Chinese as Jiqiren, which is, in fact, far from accurate. Jiqiren literally means Machine (jiqi) people (ren), so the closer English term for Jiqiren is not robot but android and cyborg. There’s no ready-made Chinese term for robot, and the Chinese translation of robot is better to be coined with machine and X (jiqiX), i.e. robot is not only about machine people, it can be machine + any animals, and in English, X is also the abbr. of extension. Robot is actually the extension of machine.

robotica.com.cn  一口价售卖中 >>>

(英语单词robotics,在西班牙语、意大利语、葡萄牙语、荷兰语、罗马尼亚语等欧洲很多语种里,都是robotica!同时在英美加澳等英语世界以及机器人强国日本,ROBOTICA已经被用作多个知名机器人projects的名称,比如说日本的robotica是知名的机器人搏斗游戏。可自行wiki。荷兰的robotica是一个性爱美女机器人项目,美国《Discovery》频道有一档名为Robotica的机器人挑战电视节目……补充:有位创业伙伴想用robotica做一款儿童教育机器人,有合作意向者也可与我联系。) 推荐指数:★★★★★★★

(In many European languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Dutch…, the English word robotics is spelt as robotica. Moreover, a good number of robotic projects are named Robotica in the US, Japan and some European nations. In Japan, for instance, Robotica is a video game ; while in the US, a robot combat show is named Robotica, which has been produced for three seasons. In Neatherland, a sex robot project is also undertaken by the name of robotica. … Even one businessman I know, Mr. Yan, is going to develop robots for children and want to name it Robotica…  As you may have expected, robotica.com (for the American TV show as I mentioned above) was taken long time ago, so was robotica.com.cn (by me!), robotica.cn (by a Chinese robotic software company). Fortunately, the domain robotica.com.cn owned by me is still negotiable in months, before Mr. Yan getting series A round and having enough money to take it. )


robotica war

ImagineRobot.com  一口价售卖中 >>>

Imagine Robot 想象机器人 这个名字真正是高端大气上档次 低调奢华有内涵  Imagine your Robot today, have one tomorrow. 此域名曾长期被美国人持有,后因未按期续费被本人抢注。此前的logo设计如下 推荐指数:★★★★★


(RoPro is the abbr. of RobotProfessional. It is concise and very easy to remember. For those who want their robots to cater to Chinese market, Ropro.cn is perfect. )★★★★★

HuaweiRobotics.com  一口价售卖中 >>>

 huawei logo robotics



Huawei has over 170,000 employees as of September 2015, around 76,000 of whom are engaged in research and development (R&D). Its products and services have been deployed in more than 140 countries and it currently serves 45 of the world’s 50 largest telecoms operators. Like Google (Alphabet) created a semi-secret Google X Lab, Huawei also conducts its secret research projects at its Noah’s Ark Lab, which is located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Like Alphabet, Huawei is also aiming for the Next Bing Thing, i.e. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. In 2015, along with Baidu and Beijing Institute of Technology, Huawei helped Haier to release its first household robot Krund. Besides, one executive from Huawei hinted that its smart phone is incorporating robotics technology, and its new phone will become a “limbless robot“.

Are you in the supply business delivering the most cutting edge product called ROBOT ? It is super cool! This domain ROBOT.supply is perfect for you. In fact, it is possibly I will do the robot supply business as well, in the near future.

(不要想歪了,请跟我一起念:To Be Robot …… 2b or not 2b, it is no longer a question for ROBOT.  )

3Wrobot.com 一口价售卖中 >>>  


The concept of 3W is getting popular after the prevalence of World Wide Web, and it is almost equivalent to the conception of the internet. 3Wrobot is a good combination of internet and Robot.

RoboMOOC is the abbr. of Robotics at Massic Online Open Courses. 机器人慕课欢迎您~!


BBS is acronym of bulletin board system, and it has become a synonym of the Internet forum (an abbreviated version). RoboBBS, as an Internet forum specifically for Robotics, is short, rhythmic and easy to remember. Compare it to Robotics Bulletin Board System. 

(机器人创业街  Robot St. )St. is the abbr. of Street, so RobotSt. (the dot is so fit here) is the short version of Robot Street, like Wall Street is normally written as Wall St.

FILE - In this Sept. 25, 2008 file photo, a Wall St. street sign is shown in front of the American flag hanging on the New York Stock Exchange in New York. Stocks fell sharply Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2009, giving up earlier gains after the Institute for Supply Management said its index of manufacturing activity rose to 52.9 in August, up from 48.9 in July and well above the reading of 50.5 analysts had been expecting. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, file)

A modified version of Wall St. street sign, shown in front of the American flag hanging on the New York Stock Exchange in New York.

RobotStartup.com 一口价售卖中 >>>

(机器人创业)It is simple, and if you were offering service for startups designing and making robots, then this domain is for you.

(灵眸)OSMO is the abbr, of the word osmosis, and OSMO is used as a brand name in various industries, including in robotics. For example, DJI, a robotics company based in Shenzhen, China, known for its civilian drones, released a robotic selfie stick called Osmo in October, 2015. OsmoTV will be a nice website for Osmo users sharing their selfies.

maxresdefault osmo1._SR600,180_

(大疆OSMO)DJI, a.k.a. Da Jiang in China, is a world leader at civilian-drone industry, and Osmo is DaJiang’s latest and most eye-catching product after drones. If you want to be invovled in the business of this selfie robot, such as being an agent to deliver Osmo, this domain cannot be better.

TenserFlow is an open source software library for machine learning in various kinds of perceptual and language understanding tasks. OK, I confess it is not precisely the same AI stuff called Tensorflow from Alphabet. But you know, it is still tricky. And it is meaningful and easy to remember.

(23世纪)Shiji is the Chinese term for century, so 23shiji means 23rd century.

MachineLearning.com.cn 一口价888元售卖中 >>>

I study Machine Learning, so I took this domain for fun.

www.FPV.show    联系我们一口价5888元购买 FPV竞赛直播  FPV秀

关于FPV (first person view)竞赛或者说“无人机竞赛” ,请看这里的报道

Why is FPV a big deal? Read this article from The Economist. (更新:自2016年4月,《经济学人》网站已被封杀。该文主旨是说FPV无人机竞赛是“未来的运动”,比F1赛车或足球赛更有看头更容易普及。)


wurenjiTV.com  无人机TV 一口价售卖中 >>>

FPVwrj.com   FPV无人机 一口价售卖中 >>>

RoboticsMaster.com  机器人大师  一口价售卖中 >>>

robotsthink.com    一口价售卖中 >>>

ubtechrobotics.com  一口价>>>

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